Items we take for auction

With a continually changing market and economy, buyers have become increasingly more selective in what they will buy.  The following is a list of items that have had success in selling at auctions;

Sporting goods- Guns- Tools- Quality furniture (must be in very good condition, if upholstered needs to be less that 5 years old)- Appliances (not older than 10 years old)- Antiques & Collectibles- Coins- Farm Equipment- Construction Equipment- Lawn & Garden Tools, Furniture & Deco- Vehicles- Trailers- Tractors- New Building Supplies- ATV’s- Watercrafts- Boats

Schedule a pick up

Yes, we do offer a hauling service to pick up your items for auction, however we do charge for this service.  If you would like to schedule a pick up of your items, please call the office and talk to Randy.